Hi! I'm Stephano, a DevOps Engineer based in Berlin.

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Currently working as a freelancer. Previously Senior DevOps Engineer at Signavio GmbH in Berlin.

I have been working as a Software Engineer and DevOps for more than 13 years. In the past decade, I worked with several clients and companies in Latin-America, in the US, and in Europe. With a very diverse experience in tech, starting as an intern developing operating systems for routers and firewalls in a small company in Sao Paulo, to later becoming a Senior Research Specialist at Locaweb, one of the biggest datacenters in Latin-America.

Possessing an extensive knowledge of Infrastructure, Systems, and Development, my main focus is to deliver state of the art DevOps solutions. Tailor-made for your company’s needs.

Open Source is quite important to me and I place great emphasis on creating FOSS solutions and supporting the community. My projects and contributions can be found in my GitHub profile.

My Process


I collaborate with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, probe goals, motivations, to understand context.


I ideate solutions by creating proofs of concept and defining the architecture.


I implement solutions using cutting-edge software available in the Open Source world, like Kubernetes, Mesos, Terraform, Ansible. I also code tailor-made solutions using Go, Python, C or other languages and tools depending on the job.


I perform research through series of tests, evaluate solutions with QA, and iterate.